Time to break up with Nintendo.

As I stepped foot into my fourth E3, a repetition of a dream accomplished, I fell into the depth of the gaming industry once more. Being a longtime Nintendo fan, I rushed to the Nintendo booth first. I played the newest WiiU lineup with a weary feeling on my back. Even though I was having fun, I couldn’t help but realize that my WiiU investment is regretful, especially considering the PS4’s new $399 price tag. The WiiU lineup consisted of three new Mario games, New Super Mario Bros U DLC, another 2D Donkey Kong platformer, a Zelda HD remake, and Pikmin 3.

Other than Platinum Games’s Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, the Nintendo lineup seemed unimaginative. Super Mario 3D World felt just like the 3DS’s Super Mario 3D Land, but now with multiplayer included. Mario Kart 8 felt EXACTLY the same, but had a hover mechanic allowing for interesting levels that could rival F-Zero, if F-Zero were slow and predictable. The new Donkey Kong Country convinced me for a second that the Nintendo Rep inserted the 3 year old Wii version in the WiiU. Finally Pikmin 3 looked amazing, but I was begging for more inventive gameplay.

I had fun and I know I’m going to buy these games, but there were less than subtle differences in these new expensive titles. Nintendo once pushed the gaming industry out of the grave. The company also revolutionized gaming controllers and game styles on numerous occasions, introduced the most iconic franchises, and inspired kids like myself to pursue a career in video games in any way, shape, or form. I don’t want to confuse their safe strategy with laziness, but that’s how it felt. I came across inventive games like Rain on PS3, Octodad and Transistor on PS4, and Shin Megami Tensei 4 on 3DS, but I didn’t see that in the big N’s booth. Considering this year’s horrendous WiiU sales, I expected only shocking heavy hitters from Nintendo.

I was once an ignorant fanboy, later a smart Nintendo faithful, now I am a skeptical and worried gamer who happens to own a WiiU. Go home Nintendo, you’re drunk.

Don’t worry, that’s just an NES zapper. 

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