aside The Infinitely Sad Truth of BioShock

Video game enthusiasts like me sometimes find it difficult  to convince our non-gamer friends to play by and for themselves. This is because most eye-catching games have beautiful art, interesting characters, and fun mechanics, but usually also have a learning curve that is easy only for those already familiar with video games.

Take BioShock Infinite, as a prime example. The game is packed with Disney-esque animation in the main character Elizabeth, who bears a strong resemblance to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The game also has smart and mature themes and takes place in a fictional city that will leave anyone breathless. All of these qualities can attract anyone to the game. However, it is still a first person shooter with controls that may be complicated for people who have never touched a dual-stick controller. One stick moves the character, while the other moves the head, and players still have to remember to run, shoot, jump, use their skyhook and vigors.

This can leave new gamers feeling overwhelmed.


It’s lack of accessibility is sad because BioShock Infinite is a game that everyone should play. I wish it wasn’t a first person shooter, although I love it, because I would be able to tell my closest non-gamer friends and family members who usually have to sit through my video game rants, to play and see for themselves. The game is powerful but unfortunately restricts itself from reaching the masses of the entire entertainment world. And yet, this frustrating truth gives me hope that somehow video games can evolve to the point that absolutely anyone can play an epic game.


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