3,000 Hits!

As of today, this blog has more than 3000 hits. It’s been up for only a little while. I appreciate everyone who continues to check out the site even though I’ve been a bit distant. I have been very busy with school which I just started a month ago. I’ll have more free time in about a week as I’ll soon be done with my second final. For those who don’t know, I’ve recently returned to my university at UC Santa Cruz after a 4 year absence and have been doing really well. Expect a lot of reading material very soon, and in the meantime, since I have homework, you guys should have some too.

CatherinePs3OrigDo me a favor and rent, wait….no, BUY a copy of Catherine. It’s one of favorite games and I’m planning on writing my first major sized post soon. I’ve met very few people who have played it, so do me this favor. You won’t regret it, unless you don’t like good games and don’t like to think.

Lastly, remember to spread the word about this blog site, and specifically the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/GameInMyVein.1044441_449865391776269_106392785_n

Like it yourselves, invite all your friends, and help me out. Remember, the goal is to help Edwin Franco make a dream come true and get his first ever E3 pass with his name on it. That’s right, I speak in the third person now. That’s what I get for watching a wrestling documentary on The Rock before I wrote this. Thanks, again.

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