Nintendo Not Dead Yet: New Wii U Releases

Nintendo’s worldwide sales for the Wii U haven’t been impressive. In fact they’ve been downright embarrassing.

I own a Wii U and have so since its launch, but I keep getting asked if I regret buying one so early. If you look at the numbers, you may think that I should be. During April 1st and June 30th, the Wii U has sold 160,000 units…Worldwide. Even the original Wii outsold Nintendo’s newest console at 210,000 units sold in three months.

However, when you buy a Nintendo console, you know you’re going to get franchises that you can’t get anywhere else. You’re going to get a new Mario platformer, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and Zelda. It’s a given, so a purchase at any time is fine. Besides, things may change very soon as the console is about to have a steady stream of heavy hitters.

Yesterday Miyamoto’s latest installment in the Pikmin series launched for Wii U and it’s arguably the first major Nintendo game in high definition. I grabbed a copy for myself yesterday and I am very impressed (more on that soon).


Shortly, the console will be launching a disk version of Super Luigi U for $29.99, the newest Splinter Cell game, followed by Rayman Legends in September. Every time I’ve played Rayman Legends, I’m reminded of the possibilities the console has. Rayman uses the Gamepad and Wii remotes to play different characters, allowing for multiplayer that’ll let gamers take two completely different roles that equal in importance. Players rely on each other to proceed, with one person using the Gamepad’s touch screen and tilt functions, while another person plays a traditional platformer. Now I know I showed Rayman more attention than the others just now, but I’m just REALLY excited about it:rayman-legends_2013_05-02-13_002

Also in September, we’ll see Metal Gear Rising’s studio Platinum Games make their Wii U debut with the exclusive, Wonderful 101. In October, Wii U sales should definitely pick up thanks to HD remake of The Legend Of Zelda The Windwaker, which now has a price tag of $49.99, shortly followed by Assassin’s Creed 4.

In November, we’ll see the next installment in the Donkey Kong Country series, with Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze. Then this December, right in time for Christmas, Wii U owners will have the chance to purchase the Next 3D Mario platformer, Super Mario 3D World. There is third party support, but hardly any in comparison to other major consoles. The Wii U will be getting third party support like the few games mentioned already, Call of Duty Ghost…of the last game, Skylanders whatever it’s called, Just Dance…around some more, and the Deus Ex director’s cut, which is indeed a 2 year old game. So what if the third party support isn’t very impressive? Nowadays a lot of people have a 360 or a PS3, and pre-orders for PS4 and the Xbox One are through the roof, so gamers can get their blood thirst somewhere else. As for Nintendo, I think they’ll be just fine with their strong fall lineup of first party games. Nintendo’s not dead yet.

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