GameStop Secret Xenoblade Stash: REVEALED!

Numerous websites like Kotaku have been commenting about GameStops nationwide now having Xenoblade Chronicles (for the original Wii) in stock for $90! This is a shock to many because (since its release) the game has been nearly impossible to find up until last week. There was a point at which I was looking to buy a second copy for myself to play, since my sealed one is only increasing in value after every breath I take, and not one store had Xenoblade. I worked at GameStop so I had access to  searching inventory in other locations. It shocked me that the game was so rare and sold out in a blink.

I say a “blink” because when I purchased my first copy, my store and all stores in South Los Angeles had plenty. My home store had over a dozen copies, which is a shame since a sealed copy is now worth about $300 on Amazon.

Gamers and other bloggers have voiced their concern about GameStop’s sudden supply of Xenoblade copies. Some fans are sensing that this could be a scam and perhaps GameStop is printing more copies. After all, they were the only retailer to sell the game. However, I was behind the register when I smelled the Xenoblade rip-off cake baking: GameStop recalled a huge percentage of their Xenoblade copies from all GameStop stores back to their mothership in Texas.


The SKU was then converted to “pre-owned” and the pricing increased to $59.99. The “New” SKU was then technically sold out. Having stores completely empty of Xenobalde helped create word of mouth by walk-in customers regarding the difficulty of obtaining a copy. Reports also say that each copy coming back from GameStop’s evil lair include their original and untouched Club Nintendo points. Hmm, I wonder why.

Clearly, GameStop saw the scarce quantity of the game as an opportunity to maximize their sales of the game at the most profitable price imaginable. They are not printing fake copies, but are, however, masters of basic economics. Supply and Demand. The pricing on Ebay and Amazon only convince GameStops to hold it even longer. Xenoblade, over a year old now, is still on the front page of GameStop’s website. Buy it now at $90, or raise your middle finger at GameStop.



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