BioShock 3? Not Really

bio good

BioShock Infinite, which is the third installment in the critically acclaimed BioShock series, was one of the highest rated titles this year leaving gamers wanting more. Players will finally have the chance to get another dose of BioShock with the new DLC (Downloadable content) for Infinite called Burial at Sea. The DLC will have two separate episodes available at $15 each and will take place in Rapture, the underwater utopia of the first and second installments of BioShock, instead of Infinite’s Columbia.The first episode will let players take the familiar role of Booker Dewitt, while the second episode will grant us our wish of playing as the Disney-esque Elizabeth.

Well, not so Disney-esque anymore.

Burial at Sea will keep the skyhook, dimensional tears, and vigors from Infinite while also keeping Big Daddies and plasmids from BioShock 1 and 2. There is no date for the second episode and I can’t wait, but it’ll be released soon.


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