WWE Comes Out

Although this post isn’t videogame related, I felt that this story was worth sharing. Today WWE superstar Darren Young revealed to TMZ the truth about his sexuality in a casual manner, after being asked if a gay wrestler could make it big, making him the first ever openly gay WWE superstar. He comfortably mentioned it, as if the nation weren’t still somewhat divided on this subject. I didn’t see it coming, but I can’t say that I’m surprised.


I’ve been a fan of WWE since I could walk, and this news brought a smile to my face this morning. WWE also brought attention to this story on their website’s front page.


Progress is here! We’re evolving. It may sound silly, but watching wrestling has been a lifelong hobby, so seeing the real world’s progress fused into my entertainment life this way kind of shows me something. The only thing I fear is seeing WWE exploit this through a character gimmick. Hopefully not, but it’ll unfortunately probably happen.

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