SummerSlam Special Top Five Wrestling Games of All Time


I’m a big pro-wrestling fan, and yes I’ll answer your question, I know that it’s fake. I’ll answer your second question: I’m not 12 years old. And lastly, No, I don’t know how I manage to have a girlfriend either. I love the stories, the choreography, the acting, and feeling like I’m behind the scenes. I love being angry at writers who use talent in terrible ways that’ll be bad for business, bad for a performer’s career, and even worse on the viewer. I’m 24 now and I’ve enjoyed watching pro-wrestling, pretending to be a superstar, and playing pro-wrestling videogames for most of my life. I’ve played pretty much all of them from the good ol’ NES days with Nintendo’s simply titled Pro Wrestling game and up to the latest WWE 13. In honor of attending my 5th consecutive Summerslam at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, I decided to compose a list of my top 5 favorite wrestling games ever.

5. Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring.


This game had excellent graphics and really fun gameplay, but unfortunately a lot of people had no idea what AAA was. Luckily, you can find this game under $15 at most stores in case you care to check it out.

4. WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game.


This was Pro-Wrestling’s answer to the Mortal Kombat craze during the mid-90’s. The game’s graphics strayed away from the traditional wrestling videogame look, and aimed for a more realistic appearance. The game was more of a fighter than a wrestling game, but it was so fun that I had to put it on my list.

3. WWF No Mercy.


This game was the last THQ wrestling game on the N64. First there were two WCW games, then Wrestlemania 2000, and finally we had No Mercy. The game wasn’t a wrestling game with a tricky learning curve, but instead it was a party game that was easy to get into and had a HUGE roster. No Mercy improved on the career mode and character customization of the previous THQ wrestling games on the N64.

2. WWE 13.


This game is the latest release of WWE games and focused on the Attitude Era of the late 90’s  (when WWE, or WWF at the time, reached a rating peak) with career synchronization objectives. WWE 13 has an upgraded variation of moves from its predecessors Smackdown, Smackdown vs Raw, and WWE 12 games, which now depend on your opponent’s physical state.

1. WWE Day of Reckoning.


This Gamecube exclusive was developed by the same team that created the classic N64 wrestling games. Day of Reckoning forces players to create their own character and take him through the developmental ranks up to either Smackdown or Raw in realistic fashion. SPOILER: The game ultimately concludes at Wrestlemania against either The Undertaker or HHH, depending on your choice of show (Smackdown or Raw).

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