The New 3DS Minus the 3D! What?

Nintendo announced a new model for the 3DS this morning; well, not really. Instead the company showed the Nintendo 2DS. That’s really what it’s called. The handheld isn’t the most attractive piece of technology out there, but I understand the purpose. Since the original 3DS gives the option to display games in 3D, sales associates usually warn parents about the danger that 3D poses to children ages 7 and under. The 2DS tries to fix this issue by having only a 2D display.

The 2DS also says goodbye to hinges, which were problematic for young children who were prone to breaking them. It additionally features higher-placed analog stick and buttons, larger shoulder buttons, and replaces the clamshell design of the 3DS for the new  2DS wedge look. In this regard, the system seems to be modeled after a leapfrog handheld or a children’s tablet. The handheld will also be $129.99 versus the 3DS XL’s cost of $ 200.00. This will be a huge selling point for parents, who might hesitate to buy a 3DS that is unsafe for children to view and handle, and is also very expensive.

For those of you still not convinced, you’re not supposed to be. It’s clear that the console isn’t aimed for adults to use because they can get their hands on the more serious looking 3DS XL.

I fear for my friends working in retail who will probably have to explain repeatedly the difference between the 2DS and 3DS. I imagine they’ll say, “The 2DS is new and plays all the 3DS games and original DS games. There are no 2DS games,” and “The 2DS is only $129.99 and the 3DS XL is $200.” The uninformed customer will then be confused and ask, “So the one with the number 3 is the new one?”  Or, perhaps they’ll reason, “Ok, a 70 dollar difference, but what about that other one I see there for $169.99? That one says 3DS too, and it’s $40 more.” Sales associates will try to explain that the mid-priced system is the original 3DS model and eventually cause the customer’s head to explode.

If you didn’t get that paragraph, that’s EXACTLY how customers will feel.


Nintendo made the mistake of not clearly presenting the Wii U as a brand new console, and now they’ll have a bit of a struggle presenting the 2DS as a child-safe 3DS minus the 3D.

Expect the 2DS to launch in red & black and blue & black on October 12th, just in time for Pokemon X and Y.



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