Will Pokemon X and Y be Mega Innovative?


I loved the original Pokemon RPGs growing up so much that I was virtually addicted. I was so addicted that I’d walk up to dishonest homeless people who would obviously buy drugs with money, and gave them gamestop store credit instead so that they can buy themselves a copy of Pokemon. Yeah, that didn’t happened, but you get what I’m trying to say. I’ve been out of the Pokemon loop since the release of the first Black and White versions. It didn’t have that same hook to real me in. Something was off. Was I growing up finally? Was I developing a blood thirst that only hyper violent first-person shooters can satisfy? No, instead it was the noticeably lack of innovation that the series was fuming. Did they need to break the formula to innovate in order to sell millions of copies? No! The formula stayed the same since 1998 with baby-step-additions each generation. This wasn’t a bad thing. Why change the recipe if people will still eat it all the time? The series has always been polished and addictive. Catching pokemon, trading, breeding, collecting badges, finding legendaries, battling your friends, and all that jazz that won’t help anyone get a girlfriend, was what made the series a critically acclaimed money-mammoth.

With the success of the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon is bound to make the company A LOT of money this October with the release of Pokemon X and Y versions.


This generation of the series finally evolves the art, jumping from 2D sprites into a full 3D Pokemon world. The battles in X and Y are fully animated resembling the battles in Pokemon Stadium for N64, Pokemon Coliseum for the Gamecube, and in Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii. Everyone around me during the initial announcement vomited in disbelief. They were all in tears as they were convinced that they were getting their Pokemon dream game. You know the Pokemon dream game, right? A massively multiplayer online role playing game in 3D, set in all the regions of the world of Pokemon. Everyone has that dream game. Yeah, X and Y aren’t that dream game. Not even close. While everyone around me seemed to be bowing to the 3D trailer, I saw the 3D gameplay not as anything special. Instead, I felt that the series finally looked the way it should have when it debuted 15 years back. I wasn’t convinced that I should support it with a purchase.

Recently this year a mysterious new Mewtwo was announced. I was thrilled but unsettled. I didn’t want them messing around with my classic 151 pokemon, but Mewtwo was so cool that I was admittedly intrigued by the game, finally. This past week, the company revealed Mega Evolutions. This is a “Holy Crap” idea for Pokemon. Select Pokemon will be able to have a Mega Evolution by holding a Mega stone. Those specific Pokemon will then evolve during battle, possibly changing their types, having the ability to use a new attack, but after the battle return into their original “pre-mega” forms. Now they’re getting their Dragon Ball Z’s SuperSayan and Digimon’s digivolve stuff all mixed up with my Pokemon. And you know what? I like it. It’s risky, and risky is good for the series. Risky doesn’t mean innovative at all, but it’s interesting. The possibility of having Mega Evolutions of the original roster gets my mouth watery. Imagine a Mega Charizard, Mega Raichu, or Mega Dewgong. Yes, I said Dewgong, because he had a pretty funny battle cry.

This could potentially spark the interest of ex-Pokemon players and bring them back home to the nerdy, lonely realm of hardcore gaming. So far the Mega Evolutions revealed are Mega Mewtwo, Mega Blaziken, Mega Lucario, Mega Absol, Mega Mawile, Mega Ampharos, and Mega Kangaskhan.


Mega Blaziken will only be available the first few months of the game’s release, so make sure to pick it up early if you want to pick up the first ever fourth-level evolved Pokemon. Pokemon X and Y both release on October 12th for the 3DS.


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