Xbox One Release Date Marks Next Gen War

The battle is on now. Both Xbox One and the PS4 have release dates. The Xbox One will launch on 11/22/13 while the PS4 will launch on 11/15/13. A week difference could be huge for Sony as not only will their console be available first, but will also be cheaper. What does this mean for the third country at war, Nintendo? I think they placed themselves in a safe position with the September Wind Waker bundle release and price drop. Also, when the Xbox One hits store shelves on November 22nd, Nintendo will fire back with the release of Super Mario 3D World.


Can a game really draw attention away from a console release? Not very much, but some is just enough. Remember when the PS3 ad Wii launched, the Xbox 360 had already been available for an entire year. Microsoft attempted to grab attention from consumers with the release of a little game called Gears of War. Yeah, I think it turned out okay for them. I’m really not sure who’s going to win this Holiday season. This is a tough one. One thing is for sure, the consumer already won, but our wallets will have to be sacrificed.

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