You’re Never Too Old to Play Pokemon

I worked at GameStop for over three years, and in my time there I couldn’t help but notice that certain age groups gravitated towards specific games. While the obvious guess would be that younger gamers walked over to buy Pokemon RPG’s and adult gamers preferred M rated shooters, my experience says otherwise. On launch days I’d see hundreds of familiar faces of fully grown 18-30 something year olds from the community college across the street extremely excited to pick up their latest iteration of Pokemon. When my store held Pokemon events, guess who was there to download those limited-time Pokemon? The Adults! This doesn’t come as a surprise considering that Pokemon was conceived and reached its peak during my childhood. Thus, a lot of people from my generation still feel a connection to it. I feel bothered when people completely let go of their past and say that they’re “too old” to play a specific type of game. It shouldn’t be wrong to grab a copy of a game despite it having adorable mascots and eye-catching colors. The game has to appeal to younger crowds and non-gamers too in order to continue the process, which is to create a long term generational experience.


While working at GameStop, I also noticed that at midnight releases for big shooters like Call of Duty, the first 15-20 people in line were 12-16 year old kids. It’s funny to think that the game “for kids” as the uninformed would say attracts adults and the mature rated game attracts children. I’m not saying that Call of Duty is for kids, or that ONLY kids buy it, I’m simply saying that my experience showed me this. I’ve had this conversation with close friends in retail and they’ve had the same experience so I know it’s not just me.

What I’m getting at here is that you’re never too old to play a game like Pokemon. You can’t grow out of it the same way you can’t grow out of your mom making you hot chocolate at night. Pokemon is part of how we grew up. It’s engraved in our memories. It’s something we did for a long time. Keep playing and keep being yourself.


I recognize that people change and that’s fine, because we lose interest in things after time. However, for those of you who stopped playing with the excuse “I’m too old to play that stuff”, maybe you SHOULD take time to grow up.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, just remember Toy Story 3.

Don’t be like Andy.

Cover art photo credit: Randy ‘Birdy‘ Crisologo, via Geekologie.
“Look Us in the Eye” photo featured on FunnyJunk, Artist unknown.


  1. Well said! I have been playing the pokemon games since Blue, I am now 28 and will be picking up pokemon X! I feel no shame, I love the nostalgia that comes with picking up a pokemon game, the familar tunes and mechanics. Roll on Oct 12th!!

  2. Well said , I am gonna pick up both x and y , come October 12th!!

    Also I might pick up COD for my PS4, once that releases, for those times my 3ds battery dies on me

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