30,000 hits!

Gameinmyvein.com just reached over 30,000 hits! Thanks to the sharing by friends, Pokemon fan sites, Futurama fan sites, and one big tweet sent out by WWE Diva A.J. Lee, Gameinmyvein.com got a decent amount of exposure and attention. My Goodbye to Futurama and You’re Never Too Old to Play Pokemon have been making their ways around the internet. I’ve received a lot of great feedback, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t the occasional jerks. It feels like I’ve seen what I should’ve seen, the true internet. The true internet is jam packed with nice supportive people but also by trolls. There is a dark cave underneath the bridge in the internet, and inside that cave live millions of trolls. To those that aren’t trolls, I owe a big thank you for sharing and spreading the word. This will only bring good things. And an even bigger thank you to those getting the site out to people in other countries. The list keeps growing.




Remember to tell your friends! Like the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GameInMyVeinNow and also follow on Twitter @GameInMyVein

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