2014 WWE Night of Champions Recap

The Pre-Show Tag Gauntlet match was fast paced and entertaining. However, the purpose for these pre-show match ups is to convince viewers to order the PPV one last time before it airs. Since the gauntlet consisted of 5 tag teams, this meant that there were going to be 4 matches in this 30 minute pre-show, thus the match was constantly interrupted with Night of Champions previews. This made the solid match annoying fast. In the end, The PTP were the victors. Go Darren Young! 8.5/10

The PPV’s opener consisted of a long and boring promo by HHH and Curtis Axel. I’m not a fan of either guy, so this dragged on to me for over 20 minutes. After, Curtis Axel was put in a match against Kofi Kingston defending his Intercontinental Title. The match was solid, but nothing great. There’s something very boring about Axel and also Kingston when he’s competing in his 10000th IC title match. Axel won the match and I didn’t care much. If you’re wondering why I don’t like Axel, just watch the ending to NXT season 2. After that, things won’t be the same for you. 7/10


The Divas Title match was next and AJ Lee delivered like always. She’s been putting the Divas division on the map and this was one of the better match ups of the night. I was very invested since the season finale for Total Divas was being filmed, so I feared for AJ to lose her belt to one of the girls from the cast. Luckily, she took her belt home again thanks to her Black Widow. There were two nasty botches by Naomi where she over calculated an off-the-top-rope crossbody, and another one with the Ref not counting! Other than that, nice match. 8.5/10

aj wins

The Next match was Del Rio’s World HeavyweightTitle defense against RVD. The match was solid, but I wasn’t invested. I wasn’t convinced that Del Rio was going to lose the strap, or that Sandow would cash in. The match ended sadly in DQ. RVD won, but took home no belt. After the match he laid the champ out, but Sandow was too smart too cash in. I say that the series will conclude in about 2 more PPVs. 7/10


Miz had a match with Fandango? Yeah he did, and it sucked. Miz almost never delivers anymore, and he didn’t come out as Mizco Inferno. What the hell? I wanted to see that come back. Either way, this match was everyone’s cue to take a restroom break. I did. I even pondered to drink more water to go pee again. 6/10

Punk was next up against Heyman and Axel in a no DQ handicap match. Punk is great, Axel, not so much yet. He’s got a ton of potential, but he didn’t create the follow-up match to Punk vs. Brock. This match was booked to be the supporting main event to Bryan vs Orton, but it didn’t feel like a main event match. It did feel however like a main event story. Heyman defeated punk after Ryback interfered and slamed Punk through a table. Ryback vs Punk next month, no thank you. 7/10

then that happened.

Ambrose vs Dolph for the US title was a solid match. I wish they were given just two more minutes to make more magic in the ring. I wasn’t invested in the match since I knew that WWE wouldn’t toss Dolph in another US title reign. 8.5/10


The Tag-Team Championship match was great, and is right underneath the main event for match of the night. The Primetime Players are clearly improving in the ring and with connecting to the crowd. The Shield are never bad and only bring their A game. The match was fast-paced, exciting, and filled with counters. I’d love to see a series rivalry break out from this. 9/10

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE title for the 2nd time in a great match with Orton. No one interfered, no one cheated, this match was clean. Bryan had a clean win over Cena last month as well. The match was another fast paced Bryan main event worthy match. I was almost completely sure that Orton would win and that we’d see Bryan win the belt at Survivor Series. I was wrong, and glad to be wrong. Bryan is being pushed now as the face of the Company. We’ll see him hold the belt until Wrestlemania where he’ll defend the belt against the 2014 Royal Rumble Winner, CM Punk. 9/10


By the way, for some reason WWE used the La Resistance theme song for the PPV. It was a bit annoying, but it reminded me of the hilarious way Lilian Garcia introduced them. Also, there were polls for the best champions of all time. Hogan was voted the best WWE champ ever, going against Cena, Punk, Stone Cold, and of course HHH because he HAS to throw himself in everything. No Rock, No Bruno, No Backland, No HBK, No Taker, No Hart, No a lot of better people. Nonetheless, Night of Champions was just ok. 2012’s Night of Champions was much better, but this one wasn’t too bad. There’s a new Face of the company. Overall 8/10

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