Atlus Brings a Persona Army to E3

At E3, Atlus will show off plenty to the public with their lineup of Persona games. They’re not moving on the shiny new current generation of game consoles just yet, because they hope to capitalize on the already enormous audience that owns a PS3. Persona 5 will finally be unveiled in just weeks which has me way too excited. I’m so excited that I’m typing this at 2:30 am running on only Persona excitement and a Whiskey Sour. The game was officially announced in November with a very obscure teaser trailer. I however proposed the game’s existence a little bit earlier when I wrote a post after my E3 experience last year.

They are also going to bring their new Persona dancing game for the vita and a beautiful 2D fighting game called, Persona 4 The Ultmax Ultra Suplex Hold. That’s the name. I swear. It’s clearly made oversees but who cares. The game looks gorgeous and is the sequel to the previous Persona 4 Arena which received great reviews.


Finally, Atlus is bringing Persona Q to the 3DS which is a brand new JRPG that merges the characters from Persona 4 and the depressed emo characters (that shoot themselves in face all the time in order to attack) from Persona 3. This game should be arriving in the states sometime in the fall. If you’re not excited for the army of Persona games, then maybe you’ll like the theme song to Persona Q.


Also there’s still that chance that maybe…JUST MAYBE there will be a Catherine 2 announcement. Let’s hope and keep our fingers crossed!

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