GIMV Anniversary!

First birthday cupcake

GIMV is now one year old!

Last June, I finally started a blog site after leaving my 4th E3. I wrote about my experience and vowed to go every year after. I recently went down to my hometown of Los Angeles to attend my 5th E3 with two of my best buds. The feeling was great because I was celebrating the most important week in video game news with people that have the same interest and love for games. My previous experiences included attending alone and meeting people who attend E3 for work only. This year was different and I’ll get into detail about why that is in tomorrow’s post. Basically, I feel like I’ve grown up as a gamer and I think much differently now from others who have passion for games. So much to the point that I think I’m isolating myself from something I had already isolated myself into (by choice). This new year of GIMV will kick off with what I mean about being grown up as a gamer.

Thank you to everyone who have read my posts, including the silly ones. Thank you to Pokemon Global News for sharing my Pokemon article and getting me over 8000 hits in a day. Thanks to FPC at UCSC for showing my short film, Caught Between Worlds at a film festival, and to We Love Pro Wrestling for sharing my personal professional wrestling documentary to their thousands of followers. Thanks to WWE Superstars Xavier Woods and AJ Lee for retweeting some stuff I was apart of. Finally thanks to Gaby Ramirez for helping me start GIMV. This site is equally yours as it is mine, although it’s not worth anything yet.


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