LBCC: Captain Marvel Panel Highlights and New Image Revealed! (full panel discussion linked within)

On Saturday, the Managing Editor of Comic Book Resources Albert Ching moderated a Captain Marvel panel with writers Tara Butters & Michele Fazekas and artist Kris Anka. We’ve collected the highlights below, followed by a link to the entire panel discussion.

  1. They discussed where Carol Danvers will be in issue 1.


She’ll be in a space station and the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight will be incorporated! Fazekas explained,“They wanted her to have her own mission separate from the Avengers.”

  1. They talked about visual additions and tweaks to Carol Danvers including a military haircut.

Anka: “I never liked that [her hair] went back to being long. It kind of felt stagnant to me. Plus you kind of want to put the military side of her in. She wanted military clean, easy to manage….We went through a few rounds with the haircut.”

  1. Butters and Fazekas discussed the challenges of moving into a new medium.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.31.31 AM

Butters and Fazekas have collaborated on television shows, most recently as showrunners of Agent Carter, but Captain Marvel is their first endeavor in comics.

The greatest challenge for Fazekas was “[having] too much story. They actually gave us two more pages. It has been difficult learning how to tell the story in the amount of pages you’re allotted…it’s much less than you think when you’re actually doing it….And we had too many panels!”

For Butters, “The hardest thing is learning when you have something on a page, and how turning a page is a different reveal. You’re revealing something. It’s a great way for us to rethink telling a story.”

Anka has appreciated the new experience of “focusing on one person and getting in her head” as opposed to juggling a number of characters as he did with Uncanny X-Men.

  1. They expressed their love for Kelly Sue, and explained what it’s like following her writing.

Kelly Sue DeConnick made Carol Danvers smart, sarcastic, funny, kicking ass all over the place,” Fazekas stated.

When asked what it is like to follow the success of Kelly Sue’s Captain Marvel run, she responded, “It’s a lot easier to write following a writer you really respect than following a writer that you’re like ‘What? That was terrible’. I rather have that bar set really really high and shoot for that.”

  1. They nervously kept their lips sealed when asked to reveal information about villains in the comic.

“There will be people who are familiar,” Fazekas laughed.

  1. Anka explained how he takes into account the technical details and the physics of items in the comic, such as Captain Marvel’s clothes.

“For the space station, the jets, I want [the details] to at least, if someone asks me how does that work, have a groundwork to bullshit it….For materials, not so much. Clothes lit on fire, who cares? There is a level of, this is fabric, it needs to work like fabric but what it is made out of can be fun and left to the imagination. I do try to understand the physics of how actual clothes work. ”

  1. They weighed in on Ronda Rousey’s desire to play Captain Marvel.

Butters: “She kicks ass. Put yourself out there, it seems like a long shot, but who knows?”

Anka: “You won’t notice it, but [Captain Marvel] progressively gets bigger and bigger. We don’t want She-Hulk big, but we definitely want her to look like she can beat you. She should look like she can lift a tank by herself, so it’s kind of funny when Ronda Rousey thinks this is gonna happen, but at the same time I’m getting these kinds of notes.”

  1. Kris Anka confirmed Captain Marvel’s helmet is gone.

 “There is no more helmet because the helmet makes no sense to me. She can breathe in space…It was one more thing. We don’t need it….You get to really see her face whenever she’s doing something, she’s not hiding. It just feels more right….Yeah it’s gone.”

9. They agreed on who would win in a match between a powerless Carol Danvers and Peggy Carter.

Although initially baffled by the question (obviously the two badass women would join forces!), they agreed Peggy Carter would win because “she’s had more de-powered experience and always carries a gun.”

10. They revealed the first page of the reboot and the name of the comic’s colorist.

“The face is going to change a little bit. It’s not final, but mostly is that,” Anka explained. When asked about the contents in Captain Marvel’s pouches he simply answered, “I’ll figure that out.”

The colorist is Matt Wilson (The Wicked + The Divine).



Watch the full panel discussion below:

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