The Future is Now!

When I was really young, I saw Back to the Future for the first time…in Spanish. I loved it and always anticipated the English TV broadcasting of the film. Around the age of 11, I finally saw the other two movies in the trilogy. I remember saying that the best movie in the series was Back to the Future 2, followed by part 1. Despite BTTF2 being the lowest rated film of the bunch, I always disagreed with critics, even to this date. Back to the Future 2 filled my young mind with imagination in the same way a lot of my favorite past times did. Time travel became something I was basically obsessed with in my teen years, and this movie became one of my favorites of all time. For almost two decades I’ve been excited for October 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in the future.


In the last few days I’ve felt a mixture of nerdy excitement and sadness. Why should I feel sad? I think it’s because the film always had me looking into the future, and finally the entire trilogy will take place in the past. Funny enough, I feel down because a bit of me hoped for a team of CGI artists to make a shitty version of Jaws 19, but at the very least Universal created a fake trailer.

Today is Back to the Future day, so please celebrate by watching BTTF2, buy the re-release of the TellTales game, pick up the new comic, cosplay as the characters, and go out to one of the countless BTTF themed parties scattered around. If you don’t at least watch the movie on this day, you will nerdly regret it. By tomorrow, the trilogy’s story will be officially behind us. 

The Future is now and Doc Brown has finally arrived.

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