Thank You Daniel Bryan

Most people around me don’t understand pro-wrestling and that’s fine. Since I grew up watching it at such an early age, I found it to be a form of magical story-telling that was no different from traditional forms. People around me “grew out of it,” but I continued to watch. I think it’s because I kept believing in characters that had years or even decades of development. I wished the best for some wrestlers, which in the wrestling world meant main eventing Wrestlemania and winning the big title. One wrestler that I totally idolize more than others is Daniel Bryan. He is technically one of the very best ever, and looks more like the average person than a traditional 6 foot 6, 275 lb monster. His real life story, which is heavily blurred with his TV character’s is the perfect underdog story. When he was succeeding, it felt like I was too. And when he did succeed, I found myself trying harder and harder at everything I applied myself to.
I was fortunate enough to be in attendance when he won his first WWE title at Summerslam 2013. I bought my tickets to Wrestlemania 30, 5 months in advance because I believed he would be in the main event. There was no guarantee, and the storylines were trying to write his character away from the big main spot, but thanks to the loud uproar of social media, which I did my part in, he was included in the main even on the night of the Wrestlemania. By the way, it took place in New Orleans, which is very expensive for a very poor guy and his sister. When the night ended, I saw that man’s dream come true, not too clear however since it was hard to see through so many tears growing in my eyes. Every penny was spent just right in my opinion. The year after, I saw his last Wrestlemania in person as well. Today, he announced his retirement due to health issues and just gave his final speech as a wrestler. Very few times has watching pro-wrestling made me, a grown man cry, but it seems to happen most when Daniel Bryan is on the stage. Because of him, more and more “indy” wrestlers and smaller guys have been signed, getting rid of what it means to be a wrestler.

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