Low-Priced Nintendo Switch Dev Kits May Attract Indie Game Designers

For indie developers out there, this news may be exciting. At the Japanese Game Developers Conference, Masaru Mitsuyoshi, a Nintendo representative, announced that Nintendo Switch Dev kits will only cost $450. This is a huge deal for indie developers that are currently financially tight and can’t afford to pay the $2500 price tag for PS4 Dev kits, but want to release their game on a home console. 

Nintendo seems to be trying to open the doors to indies more than ever with a hot new console that will be temporarily hungry for game content. Because of its $5000 Dev kit price, publishing games for Nintendo’s previous console, the WiiU, seemed like a luxury. As someone who experiences constant childlike daydreams about making games for a Nintendo console, I can’t help but feel more than hopeful to eventually produce my own Switch games.

Perhaps this will give the Switch a strong support of titles, unlike the WiiU, which quickly saw a downward spike of 3rd party support. One thing is certain, the Dev kit price is attractive and a nice splash of an announcement to kick off the Switch’s relationship with indies and aspiring developers. The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd. 


  1. I came here expecting to hate like “dev kits should be free, Nintendo McScrooge at it again!!” but 450 for a dev kit is pretty reasonable. Good work Nintendo

  2. This was a smart move from Nintendo. I’ve come to a stage in my life where many AAA releases are starting to blur together. I find myself preferring to put my time towards indies like Shovel Knight and Snipperclips. The Towerfall devs also just announced Celeste and that game looks incredible. I think the Switch could be the best home for Indies.

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