Nindies 8/28

Nintendo surprised fans this morning with a digital Nindies event, showcasing a ton of indie games set to release this year. Most games can already be found on other consoles, but will feature content exclusive to Switch when they release, while other games were announced as timed exclusives. Levelhead was the game I found most interesting in that large batch of announcements. Levelhead is Mario Maker meets 4-player co-op. Yes, you and 3 other players can create your own 2D platform levels and even play in them. The game releases this November. Another game I found eye-catching was King of the Hat, which was described as “A fast-paced, hat-paced, party game.” The game is party-style fighting game, where you can compete against 1-3 players locally, or 1v1 online. The game seems accessible with its 2-button control design. In the game each character wears a hat, and if they’re hit, they lose the hat. Once the hat falls off the character, you must try destroy it. There’s a character with a birthday hat, simple named Birthday. The coolest character in the trailer was hands down Washing Machine, who happens to be an actual washing machine that wears a load of dirty laundry on it’s “head.” Unfortunately, King of the Hat won’t be out until early 2019. To check these two games and the strong list of announced, the presentation has been provided below.

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